Giving Priorities


The Thorpe Foundation seeks to create opportunities for middle school and high school age youth to achieve productive and independent lives. The Foundation has a focus on the needs of economically disadvantaged and at-risk youth.

The Foundation supports in-school and out-of-school time programs that encourage character development, support academic success, and foster social and emotional well-being. The Foundation supports youth participation in arts programs which incorporate youth development goals.


The Thorpe Foundation seeks to foster the vital aging of seniors through support of services that help them live engaged and independent lives. At this time, the Foundation is prioritizing services that help seniors remain independent in their own homes and those providing social opportunities that reduce isolation.

Geographic Focus tree

The Thorpe Foundation supports 501c3 non-profit organizations located in and serving the City of Minneapolis and its western suburbs. The Foundation does not fund organizations whose service area is outside of its geographic focus. 

Other Requirements

The Thorpe Foundation limits its support to organizations with operating budgets of $3 million or less.  The Foundation does not fund organizations whose operating budgets are over $3 million, even if the program for which the organization is seeking funding has a budget of less than $3 million.

Other Criteria 

Organizations must have at least one paid employee to receive funding consideration. Organizations that operate through a fiscal sponsor are not eligible for funding consideration.  In any year, organizations may receive funding for one area (youth or seniors), but not both.

Types of Support

The Thorpe Foundation is most likely to make general operating or program support grants. The Foundation does not support capital purchases or campaigns, or endowments.